Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watch YouTube Videos Without Flash in HTML5 — The NeoSmart Files

Running on Mac or Linux and tired of Adobe Flash eating up all your CPU cycles while you're watching YouTube? Buggy plugins that crash your browser and freeze your PC? Proprietary formats that get in the way? Want to embrace HTML5 and the future? Well, now you can... one YouTube video at a time.

We've written an HTML 5 Video Viewer for YouTube, and you can use it to browse YouTube in true 21st Century HTML5 quality. And it's super-simple to use.

Flash has been the bane of online websurfers ever since the 90s, especially on platforms where Adobe doesn't bother to go the extra mile to ensure that their proprietary, binary implementations are stable and efficient. On Linux and Mac OS X, the flash implementation takes up over half the available CPU and at high-resolutions stuttering occurs. HTML5 poses the answer providing a way for browsers to use the native implementations to render videos directly in the browser without resorting to ActiveX and 3rd-party browser plugins... it just has yet to be embraced.

All I have to say is it's about time. Flash on my Linux based netbook is slow because Adobe has not spent the time optimizing there player and the GNU Gnash player is not really really for prime time since it is really only compatibility to Flash 7.

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  1. Agreed--it'll be nice not to rely on a plugin just to watch video. I haven't had bad luck with Flash Player on 32-bit Linux, but on 64-bit it crashes constantly so I've pretty much given up on it. I keep thinking they'll get around to taking Linux seriously but it doesn't ever seem to happen.