Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've been working on a brochure style site for a friend this week.  The budget is nothing and I'm doing this as a favor for my friend so it's my time. Instead of doing the same old, I decided that I should try something new and learn since I'm donating my time.  I hope to be posting more about using Google App Engine (GAE) as free hosting for CFML applications.  GAE is cloud computing and it does turn the usual concept of building applications on its head.  Since GAE's daily http request limit for the free account is 1.3M requests, I don't foresee any issues with overing over our quotas.

The application I'm building is using Mach-II Simplicity (1.8) and is running on Open BlueDragon (GAE Edition).  My friend wanted to use SES URLs so I investigated to see if the SES URL filter that is usually bundled with Open BlueDragon was commented out in the web.xml file.  It was not even present in the file (whereas in the normal OpenBD edition it is commented out) so I was a little nervious this wasn't going to be possible.  Instead of wasting time researching, I used GAE's nifty one click (ok, it's two clicks and your Google account password) deployment option to just try by testing it.  Here is the snippet I added in my web.xml right at the top after the <web-app ...> node:


Bam! I deployed it to the cloud and it worked.  SES URLs on OpenBD GAE is a go!  Thought I would share it with the world.


  1. Friggin sweet I was just about to have to solve that one!

  2. Very nice! Definitely going to be using this on some small projects in the near future.

  3. Pretty hot and tempting. PHAT!