Saturday, November 7, 2009

SourceForge Acquires Ohloh

Today SourceForge has acquired Ohloh. We at Ohloh are pretty awed and excited at the opportunity (and challenges) ahead. I plan on blogging more deeply over the next few weeks but I wanted to give you some background on why this makes sense.

Most developers know that SourceForge is primarily a 'forge' (duh!) - providing open source developers free tools and services to help them succeed. However, for many less-tech savvy people, SourceForge is actually thought of as an open source directory. As a result, SourceForge has found itself in the middle of a lot of software-related activity, from downloading to source code management (and almost everything in between).

Ok, it didn't happen today, but I'm a bit ashamed I missed this announcement from May 2009. I like ohloah (please at CFML code to your reader system BTW) and we use at Mach-II. I'm sure this is a good thing for the guys at ohloh and SourceForge.

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