Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Open BlueDragon - Array Functions Added

We've just added a bunch of new array functions, some bringing compatibility with other engines and others suggested by Peter through discussions on the issue tracker.

  - ArrayFirst()
  - ArrayLast()
  - ArrayFind()
  - ArrayFindNoCase()
  - ArrayContains()
  - ArrayContainsNoCase()
  - ArrayGet()

and recall the OpenBD function that was always there

  - ArrayTrim()

All to be found in the nightly build.

This is where the miracles of open source shows. What Alan did not mention is that the ticket I mentioned some of these items on was only from a day ago. Now Open BlueDragon has an array function group that matches the available function group for structs. These little things are what makes a language a joy to work with. I like to call this the spit and polish functionality. Most open source CFML projects never get to this stage so kudos to the Open BlueDragon team for listening and more importantly being proactive on user suggestions.

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