Thursday, January 19, 2012

OpenCF Summit - Schedule

The amazing schedule for OpenCF Summit 2012 is now available! As with last year we had to make some difficult decisions and we still have a couple of surprises up our sleeves we can't announce just yet, but it's a fantastic lineup including:

  • Training on Day 1 from OpenBD, Railo, and Mach-II

  • Fantastic sessions on CFML topics (of course!) in the main conference track from CFML experts and the creators of both the open source engines

  • An unconference track organized on site and starring YOU!

  • Deploying CFML apps to the cloud using Jelastic

  • The fabulous OpenCF Summit Hackfest where you can hack for a good cause

  • The famous (infamous?) "Future of CFML" BOF

  • And much, much more

All that amazing training and content for a mere $72. How is that possible? It's because of our fantastic partners (and we have more of those to announce soon), but instead of pondering life's great mysteries why not go register right now!

Now it the time to register!

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