Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mint 11 - Broken or No Workspace Switching, Cannot Move or Resize Windows

I was playing around in Compiz and I enabled "Desktop Cube".  This broke a myriad of things in such as missing title bars and the inability to move windows in Mint 11.  I reverted the Desktop Cube, but Compriz did not return the setting before I enabled this plugin. Those were easily fixed:

  1. Goto Control Center

  2. Select Compiz

  3. Scroll down to Window Management to fix the inability to move / resize windows

    1. Enable Move Window, Resize Window, Application Switcher, etc.

  4. The broken ability to switch workspaces is some options under "Desktop" in Compiz were turned off

    1. Enable Desktop Wall and Viewport Switcher

I'm blogging this in case I need to remind myself how to fix this issue.


  1. Thank you so much!!! Your 'reminder' has been a life saver!!