Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop Pesky Leafleting - Free No Handbills, Leaflets, Pamphlets Sign for Minneapolis Residents

No Handbills Sign.pdf
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Are you sick of getting commercial handbills (i.e. pamphlets, circulars, leaflets, advertisements, etc.) on your property in the City of Minneapolis (Minnesota)?  I certainly am!  The Minneapolis City Code prohibits the distribution of commercial handbills on private premises if there is a notice (i.e. sign) prohibiting them.  I obtained this information from Minneapolis 311 which referred me to Chapter 403 of the City Code:

Chapter 403 - Handbill Distribution

So I created a sign that I posted in the window of our porch.  Feel free to download the PDF and use it on your private property.  It includes a citation with the city code and section number for those pesky handbill distributors you catch.  Minneapolis 311 also said that you can the Minneapolis Police Non-Emergency number at 612-348-2345 if you catch a handbill distributor leaving commercial handbills.  There are some handbills that are considered non-commercial or protected speech (such as political and religious) so you might err on the side of safety if the handbill is not clearly a commercial handbill.

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