Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unofficial CF bug database mirror setup = wake up Adobe

This website is an live unoffical mirror of the Adobe ColdFusion Bug Database created by Elliott Sprehn.

I was created because the Flex based UI that was provided by Adobe is a real pain to use, specifically lots of text is not selectable, the Bug Areas dropdown is a mile long with no scrollbar, and it won't work on something like an iPhone.

This website is not affiliated with or owned by Adobe, Inc.

There is definitely something wrong with the idiotic bug database for ColdFusion at Adobe. The Flex interface is horrible. It's meant as no offense to the developers of the Flex interface but the user experience is painful at best. I can't even use it on my netbook because the there is no way to resize boxes or popups to maximize the lower resolution. Then there is mobile access (iPhone / Blackberry).

I understand the intentions of Elliot are good, but having to mirror the bug database should be a wake up call to Adobe to fix their issues. However, I don't believe it's totally the Flex interface. I would guess it's the out-dated issue tracking software they use.

Flame away at me if you want - it won't do any good...

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  1. Why would anyone flame you? That never happens on the Internetz. ;-)