Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for CFML / ColdFusion jobs in MN, CA, DC or Scotland? Here are some great places to start...

Seems to be there are a great influx of CFML / ColdFusion jobs available.  I've been asked by three people I know to ask around and I thought I would just post on my blog.  A lot of these jobs are looking for CFML framework experience.

AW2.0 - Scotland, UK

Located in the town of Dumfries, go join Alan Williamson and Andy Wu in the next generation of CFML using the latest cloud computing technologies.  I've personally interacted with both Alan and Andy online and I've found them to be extremely smart individuals.   Looks like they offering a bounty so if you are interested and I know you -- let me pass your resume on for you. Ideally, candidates would be local to the UK - but who knows?  Maybe a move across the pond is in store for you!

We are looking for the following roles:

Our recent hires are quoted as saying: "best job I have ever had"

By the way, if you are happy in your current role but you know someone who could fit the bill, then please pass their resume to us, and if we end up hiring them, we'll give you £500 bounty for your trouble!

CTIA - The Wireless Association - Washington, D.C.

A friend of mine, Ted Hovis asked me to pass this along with you.  Look for a fast paced job in the heart of D.C.?  Then go take a peek at CTIA job posting.  CFML framework experience (like Mach-II) a PLUS!

CTIA-The Wireless Association is seeking an experienced Senior Web Developer / Architect.  This individual will be responsible for planning, coordinating and maintaining the functionality and performance of CTIA's multiple web properties.

The person's duties are to: ensure the timely delivery of new applications and releases from a development to production environment, site monitoring, traffic and performance analysis. Assistance with general site related technical management and system / security considerations, as well as dealing with partner and consultant relationships, as well as with the technical evaluation and direction setting of web enterprise-related efforts.

Jobs2Web - Minnesota

My fellow TCCFUG member, Kevin Penny asked me to post about this job.  Job2Web offers employers a recruiting platform and is one of the fastest growing startups in Minnesota.  Kevin is always talking about all the neat stuff they having been using from JMS to Solr.  CFML frameworks experience such as Mach-II or Fusebox is a big PLUS however they are looking for somebody with Java experience.  Check out the Production Support Developer job posting.

Jobs2Web helps employers maximize their interactive recruiting strategy using our recruitment marketing platform. The Jobs2Web platform helps major employers to attract, capture, and communicate with quality talent all while measuring recruiting effectiveness using our patent-pending solutions which dramatically reduce dependency on expensive and less effective sourcing mediums.

Working within our company will put you close to our award winning technology that combines the best of recruiting and marketing solutions including Search Engine Marketing (SEO), SEM (Pay-Per-Click), Social Networks and Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The Production Support Developer ensures the stability, reliability, and performance of the Jobs2Web Recruitment Marketing Platform and associated applications through rapid resolution of production issues.

Build.com - California

Ever noticed that places like LightingDirect.com (owned by Build.com) use CFML?  I just did and then found out that Build.com is hiring for both Sr. Web Programmer and Jr. Developer.  Both list CFML frameworks as required experience.

Build.com is the 3rd largest e-tailer in the Home Improvement space.  We are profitable, rapidly growing, $200M/ year online retailer.  Our mission is to triple our business in the nest 3 years.  We are expanding our Software Development team to drive this growth strategy.


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