Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you know if this is a Honey Locust Tree?

We're located in Minneapolis, MN and the photos were taken today (May27).  Based on my limited knowledge of trees and my searching on the interwebs, I've come to the weak conclusion that we have Honey Locust Tree in our backyard.  Are you a tree expert or know more than I do? Then comment on the type of tree we have.  And if I know you, I owe you beer / drink the next time I see you.

Edit 6/3/2010:

According to my friend Adrian (see comments for links), this is a black locust tree due the size of the seed pods.


  1. Judging from the seedpods, it's probably a different locust. (I've passed this to my dad who's an arborist, I'll get back to you.)

  2. @Jonah, thanks for the info. I was thinking it could be a black locust as well, but I haven't noticed many thorns. Then again I'm working off the tree list from the University of Minnesota -- Extension Service list. I await your father's opinion.

  3. My friend Adrian commented this on my Facebook post on this:

    This is a black locust- the seed pods are too short to be a honey locust. See vs.

  4. Yes, this is a a black locust, although it is very similar to water locust. It's an amazing tree, that grows really big and really fast, too bad that it has a short life span of around 120 years.