Thursday, February 18, 2010

Open CFML Advisory Committee -- Resignation Letter

Since my involvement in the Open CFML Advisory Committee is public knowledge, here is my resignation letter I shared with my colleagues on the committee.

Dear Colleagues,

My personal commitments  and professional endeavors have changed a lot since I joined the committee in May of 2009.  The demands on my time have increased in the past year and it has become increasingly difficult for me to contribute sufficiently to the CFML specification process. After much thought and internal debate, I have decided to tender my resignation from the Open CFML Advisory Committee.  I have enjoyed working with all of you this past year, and I appreciate everything I have learned from the process. I wish everyone the best going forward with creating a CFML specification.

Peter J. Farrell


Edit July 24th, 2010:

I had some additional thoughts to add now that the Open CFML Advisory Committee has disbanded.

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