Friday, February 26, 2010

Mach-II 1.9 Milestone 1 (

Mach-II 1.9

Hot on the heels of the Mach-II 1.8 "Simplicity" final release, Team Mach-II is proud to announce the availability of Milestone 1 (M1) of the 1.9 "Integrity" release.

As we've mentioned a few times before, starting with Mach-II 1.9 we are moving to milestone releases in order to get fully completed features in your hands as soon as possible. This helps us better organize and complete the development tasks involved with the release, and our users can help us by testing the new features as they're completed instead of waiting for the full final release, or potentially having numerous partially completed features in nightly builds.

Mach-II 1.9 is code-named "Integrity" because one of the main focal points of this release is adding validation capabilities to the framework. An integral part of validation is internationalization, so i18n is another big piece of Mach-II 1.9. We've made great progress on these features and they'll be available in future milestone releases. You can read about some of our plans for i18n features on the Mach-II wiki.

In keeping with our smaller, faster release cycle, we started with some low-hanging fruit for Mach-II 1.9 M1, including:

  • Boostrapper "loading page" option - #195

  • Add 'prepend' attribute to the view-page command - #420

  • Improvements to the logging package

    • Use for M2 logger output when on Open BD - #439

    • Allow for MachIILogger use IP list to show debugging output - #329

  • Improvements to the HtmlHelperProperty

    • Add support for nested "inline" JS in asset packages - #469

    • Add option to add JS before HTML body in HtmlHelperProperty - #230

  • Miscellaneous improvements

    • Add ability to use a module event as default event - #382

    • Add helper methods to ViewContext and BaseComponent for environment related functionality - #467

Grab the Mach-II 1.9 M1 zip now and help us by starting to incorporate new Mach-II features into your development cycle right when they're available.

As for our plans for future 1.9 milestone releases, we're a completely open book. You can read about all the milestone plans on our roadmap, and please let us know if you have feedback on any of the great features we have planned for 1.9. And we can't wait to start sharing our plans for 2.0.

As always, thanks for your support of Mach-II! Our users and community are what make Mach-II great, so we truly appreciate everything you do for Mach-II.

All I can say is that the entire team is excited. We're already working towards milestone 2. Get it now.

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