Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Amazon MP3 - Start Offering OGG Vorbis Formats

Why are Music Downloads only available in MP3 format?

MP3 is the most widely compatible music file format and is supported by most media player applications, hand-held music devices, and some CD and DVD players. Our MP3 format also provides you with the freedom to transfer music you buy at the Amazon MP3 store to any device you'd like or copy it to a CD without restrictions of any kind.

This is an open letter to Amazon.

Please start offering music in the OGG Vorbis format. The specification is in the Public Domain and the libraries are free from licensing / patent issues. Amazon, you're ahead of everybody else by offering the Amazon Downloader for Linux. You've already cast off DRM; now have a chance to "innovate" by adding OGG to your offerings instead of just offering the license plagued MP3 format. Plus, the OGG codec out performs MP3 in quality and most recent non-iPod devices now support it such as Android, SanDisk, Samsung and iRiver (and iPod if you use Rockbox software). Make a stand and be different than Apple!

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  1. I totally agree. I have a friend that wants to make a video game to develop that uses music directly from amazon. (Giving them more sales.) But the licensing of mp3 slows his work and costs more money to use it. Aditionally he can't make his game cheaper as he will have to cover the cost of the 25,000 USD licensing.