Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Capacity Building with Open Source - Is it a reality? (Open Tech Exchange Podcast)

Governments in many countries have to realize that fostering open source adoption is not just a means to an end, to increase ICT [information and communication technologies] use, but it is the conduit to allowing citizens the opportunity to 'adapt and thrive' in our digital world.

I'd add in corporations in the quote above as well. I've seen all to much the lack of understanding of "computing" in industry and the fear of open source as bad. I am not saying that proprietary software "must die" but over time open source tends to make certain software products a commodity. The interesting thing is there is no hard line in the sand where commodity starts and proprietary ends. It usually ends up as a unique blend sort of like blending coffee. Open source is a key element in helping third-world countries with computer literacy. If you can't afford the software, why bother buying the hardware? I definitely see the world changing for the better one Linux desktop at a time.

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