Monday, September 1, 2014

Dell Sputnik Tip: Mouse / Cursor is broken or frozen after resuming from suspend or sleep

For some reason my third generation Dell Sputnik (aka Dell XPS13 with Ubuntu pre-installed) sometimes has a frozen or broken mouse / cursor after I suspend or sleep my laptop.  You can easily get it working again (this is not a permanent fix) by switching to a different TTY and then back to the TTY that holds the x-server GUI.

  • ctrl+alt+F6 to switch to TTY6 (this will give you a terminal)
  • Do nothing in the terminal
  • ctrl-alt+F7 to switch back to the TTY7 which is the Ubuntu x-server
  • Voila... your mouse should be working again.

If anyone has a permanent fix, please let me know.

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