Friday, February 15, 2013

Excited for PyCon 2013 - Live Blogging It!

PyCon 2013 is the first conference since 2007 that I will be attending and not speaking at the conference itself.  So I actually feel like I can focus on being an attendee instead of a speaker.  So this is going to be a different experience for me and I'm already planning what I want to do at the conference.

I've decided I'm going to live blog the sessions that I attend at PyCon using Google Drive.  This means you'll be able to even watch me take my notes as the session goes on.  So I'll be blogging the live Google Doc links in a future blog post.  I'm so excited!  Watch this space...


  1. Excellent on both fronts - attending PyCon and being able to be in the audience, and using Google Drive (or any other file-sharing medium) for disseminating notes, etc.

    Wisht I could be in Santa Clara also - Vermont winters are getting a little (c)old.

  2. PyCON 2013 was awesome. Sorry I didn't bump into you there. I bumped into a few other (ex-)CFers tho'. I looked on your blog and didn't see any posts about it tho' - did you abandon the live-blogging idea?

  3. I was going to live blog and I did put some links on Twitter -- after a day or so (since I was in the tutorials for two days prior) -- I was in the phase of having it wash over me -- especially considering everything up on