Friday, January 1, 2010

Allyson's 2010 Polar Dash 10k

Some of you might know that my wife, Allyson, has been getting into running lately.  It was a balmy 2 degrees F outside. Here are the results of the Allyson's 10k race -- official results:

bib number: 177
overall place: 475 out of 831
division place (25-29 years - F): 36 out of 72
gender place: 178 out of 421
time: 58:16
pace: 9:23
chip time: 58:16
5ksplit: 29:24

It was a chip timed race so the 58:16 is rather accurate.  I'm so proud of Allyson.  She did a 6 miler and I barely can huff out 1 mile.

At the finish (no, that is not snow on her shoulders -- that is frozen ice that formed from evaporating sweat):

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