Windows 7 – How To Fix Laptop Battery Won’t Charge Issue (Plugged In, Not Charging)

We have a new HP laptop at work that is our audio recording and video production rig.  For some reason today, it would only run on AC and not the battery.  The battery indicator in the tray indicated:

Plugged In, Not Charging

Strange for a new laptop to have a bad battery especially when HP Support Assistant indicated a good battery.  After some searching, here a possible the fix that worked for me on Windows 7.  This may or may not not work if you.

  1. Go into Control Panel
  2. Go to the System category
  3. Select View Advanced System Settings
  4. Go to the Hardware tab and click the Device Manage button
  5. Under the Batteries section right click on the “Microsoft APCI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and select “Uninstall”
  6. Agree to the warning to uninstall
  7. Perform a Windows Update. If you don’t this, your next update will probably break this fix
  8. Shutdown your computer
  9. Remove the battery for 1 minute
  10. Reinstall the battery
  11. Turn on your computer with your AC adapter since your battery is probably dead
  12. Windows should automatically recognize the “new” battery hardware and reinstall the driver for you
  13. Your battery should start charging again

If you have an HP laptop and this does not work for you, there have been reports that certain HP laptops need a firmware update.

Edit January 26th, 2014: Sadly I have had to disable comments since people have chosen to post hateful comments if the a solution did not work for them.

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  1. unfortunately did not fix my HP problem, probably because Vista for whatever reason has the power icon as hibernate instead of shutdown and killed the battery in the 3-4 months it hasn’t been plugged in for

  2. Scratch that, prior to (20 min) and after doing this it would occasionally say charging for 1 second, came back after 45 min and looks like it is charging slowly. fully charged after almost 3 hours, with it in sleep mode

  3. problem is not solved. after restart the machine battery start to charging but after a little while it seems the same condition as before ‘plugged in, not charging’…any solution????
    I am using windows 7-32 bit with compaq presario C700!

  4. I have a Dell Vostro doing the same thing. I uninstall the ACPI Compliant Control and then the system picks it up and reinstalls it. The battery shows charging for about 15 seconds. Then the battery meter stops running and it goes back to “Plugged in, Not Charging”.

  5. Amazing I was ready to get a new battery or laptop. As soon as i turned my laptop back on the battery was full and didn’t need the ac to be plugged in, thanks heaps.

  6. At first I didn’t think it had worked, although the Battery icon said “100% fully charged””, so I switched off the AC power and the laptop immediately died (switched off) black screen. I then switched back on the AC power, and battery now appears to be charging, up to 17% already by the time I’ve typed this reply……thanks guys. I suppose Batteries don’t just suddenly stop working unless they’re suddenly faulty. Anyhow, fingerers crossed it keeps charging and all remains good. Thanks again, I too was going to buy a new battery. JS.

  7. Ok, I have been dealing with this issue since Vista came out. Under Win7 I still have the same issue of battery plugged in but not charging. I have also tried all these steps and nothing. The only thing I see it works and just temporarily is placing the battery in the fridge for 2 hours then putting them back in the laptop (Gateway md7820u) then its recharging no problem until the next reboot.

    I started messing with Ubuntu and noticed that it was recharging under that OS. But when I dual boot between them then it stop recharging on both OSes.

    If I take the Device Driver as instructed above, and reboot then Ubuntu will see it no problem until I boot under Win7 then it stops working for both.

    I’m not sure if this is a Microsoft issue, a hardware issue or a software issue. I cannot safely say that this issue is done on purposes to validate the sale of batteries by Gateway either but it’s strange that neither company and other companies have not addressed this issue a bit harder. Could they be trying to hide an issue they don’t want to pay for?

    Weird how it works under one OS but not the other.

  8. Thank you, thank you! This worked! I was sure my laptop was toast. Thanks for taking the time to post this and saving me several hundred dollars!!!

  9. i have found that SP1 i.e service pack1 is responsible for abnormal decline in charge. kindly update it folks… it will work… cheers!

  10. Worked fine for my Toshiba Satellite with windows 7. Problem keeps coming back every month or so (my laptop is never turned off except during reboots), but is easily fixed each time. Have tried various battery management schemes and there is no difference. Battery (when charged fully) is fine since it lasts 2+ hours off-charge, with constant use. Anyway 2 minutes a month to fix isn’t too bad. Thanks for your advice. (p.s. don’t need to turn the laptop off. Just delete the device. Disconnect the battery with the power plugged in. Wait 1 min. Push battery back into slot. Rescan devices to reinstall driver.)

  11. WOW! How many batteries have been thrown in the bin when this could have fixed the issue. Great info that I have never heard of before. I have saved this info as a documnet on my computer in case i forget what you said, lol.

  12. It works well, I really appreciate. If uninstall doesn’t work, try to disable the driver by right clicking. It is true that it will reinstall after reboot, but disabling it remains until you choose to enable.

    Once you disable and reboot you’ll be singing hallelujah.

    It works. I nearly sold out my new laptop for this issue.

    Thanks poster.

  13. Excellent tip. My laptop Toshiba satellite battery is now charging after following your suggestion. Thank you.

  14. It might be Because the drivers for the battery are already the up to date drivers but I have the same issue. One day I left my house when it was at 75% plugged in, not charging. Then after 45 minutes I came home and saw it at 80% plugged in, charging. So the latest driver I installed trickle charges my battery so if I forget it plugged in it doesn’t mess up my battery. Hope this helps.

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